Meet the Exhibitors
(List updated to August 1999)

The following organizations and institutions will be providing displays and exhibiting their goods and services at the Fifth Annual Meeting of the EAA.
Ø Alfred Blackmore Insurance

Ø Andante Travels in Archaeology

Ø Antiquity

Ø Archaeolingua

Ø Archaeological Investigations Project
Ø Archaeology Group, School of Conservation Sciences, Bournemouth University
Ø Archaeology Training Forum

Ø Archaeopress, Publishers of British Archaeological Reports

Ø Association of Archaeological Illustrators

Ø Association of Local Government Archaeology Officers (ALGAO)

Ø Bartington Instruments Ltd

Ø BBL Publications


Ø Conservation Sciences Investigation Support Unit

Ø Cotswold Archaeological Trust

Ø Council for British Archaeology

Ø English Heritage

Ø English Heritage Publications

Ø Essex County Council

Ø Genius Loci Cultural Project Consultants Ltd

Ø Geochron Laboratory

Ø GeoQuest

Ø Highways Agency

Ø Historic Scotland

Ø Icenica

Ø Institute of Field Archaeologists

Ø Laboratory of Archaeology and Cultural Forms, Universidad de Santiago do Compostela

Ø Leica Geo Systems

Ø Maney Publishing

Ø Museum of London Archaeology Service

Ø The National Trust

Ø Oxbow Books

Ø Oxford Archaeological Unit

Ø Rafter Radiocarbon Laboratory

Ø Royal Commission on Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland

Ø Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales

Ø Sage Publications Ltd

Ø School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester

Ø Sheffield Academic Press

Ø Stone Worlds: Bodmin Moor Exhibition

Ø Survey Supplies Ltd

Ø TopCon (GB) Ltd
Ø University of Southampton, Department of Archaeology
Ø Wessex Archaeology

If you would like to join these and promote your organization at EAA99, details can be found on the Exhibition Booking Page.

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