Poster Presentations


A national database of medieval pottery production centres in England
    Phil Marter  King Alfred's College UK

About the earliest clay candlestick from Chersonesos/Cherson: Scenes from the old testament on late Roman clay lamps (associated with session III e)
    Sergey Sorochan

Ancient terracing of mountain slopes in Kislovodskaja hollow (North Caucasus) as an example of a stable to degredation men transformed landscape (associated with session II a)
    Marina Skripnikova misciurus@mtu-net.ru

Application of geochemical methods to archaeology(associated with session II f)
    Elena Alexandrovskaya alexandr@geosoil.msk.ru

Archaeological sensibilities - the poster (associated with session II p)
    Fiona Campbell fiona.campbell@archaeology.gu.se

Things to bring: souvenirs/mementoes
    As part of the work going one in our session ‘Archaeological Sensibilities’ (Saturday 18th September 9am-1pm) we also have a poster event. For this to work we would like the conference delegates to work with us.
    We would like to ask you to bring along an object that either - represents the place from where you embark on your travels or - reflects your journey to Bournemouth. These objects will be used to map the archaeology of the EAA conference.
    There will be a mailbox in the reception area where you can leave your contributions. Please bear in mind that these objects are considered donations and as such will not be returned.
Beeches Pit: Archaeology of a Middle Pleistocene site in East Anglia (associated with session III l)
    Jane Hallos jhallos@liverpool.ac.uk

Bosporan hellenistic multinozzled clay lamps: original type of the local immitation? (associated with session III e)
    Natalia Zhuravleva  The State Historical Museum, Russia

Cereals and archaeology: Evidence from chemical analysis
    Marcia Taylor 9506036t@student.gla.ac.uk

Danubian barbarian warrior, or late Roman commander?(associated with session III f)
    Coriolan Opreanu oprean@mnit.museum.utcluj.ro

Diet of the humans from Sungir' Upper Palaeolithic burials (associated with session III l)
    Maria Kozlovskaya smirnoff@online.ru

Harpocrates on a new lamp handle-ornament recently found in Leptis Magna (associated with session III e)
    Laurent  Chrzanovski  University of Geneva Switzerland Tel: 022-344 49 91 Fax: 022-344 49 91

Hunters and gatherers of Don River delta region (associated with session III l)
    Ekaterina Vinogradova palaguta@hist.msu.ru

Lamps in Latescythian culture of Crimea (associated with session III e)
    Yuriy Zaitsev nikitrom@worldmailer.com

Lamps of the 1st - 5th centuries AD in the archaeological museum of Durres(associated with session III e)
    Fatos Tartari  AA of Durres Archaeological Museum Albania

Living in the late bronze age: The example of Sorgenti della Nova in central Italy
   Laura Domanico CStrut@aol.com

Miluki Research Project: An interdisciplinary study of the early Mesolithic camp site in NE Poland (associated with session III l)
   Jerzy Siemaszko jwsiem@friko6.onet.pl

New patterns on technical behaviours on middle Palaeolithic microlithic assemblages in central Europe (Predmosti II, Kulna level 11 and Tata) (associated with session III l)
   Marie-Helen Moncel moncel@cimrs1.mnhn.fr

Palaeolithic studies in Russia: Retrospect and prospects(associated with session III l)
    Sergey Vasil'ev anna@neuro.pri.pu.ru

Prehistoric and later field systems in Atlantic Europe (associated with session III I)
    Melanie Johnson mjohnson@hsy1.ssc.ed.ac.uk

Radiovisiography in archaeozoological analysis (associated with session II x)
    Snjezana Kuzir smucek@hotmail.com

Religious aspects in Hallstatt of Croatia
    Hrvoje Potrebica hrvoje.potrebica@zg.tel.hr

Rentgensedimentation method of particle size analysis and its application for studies of Alan's system of mountain husbandry (north Caucasus)
   Marina Skripnikova misciurus@mtu-net.ru

Scenes from the Old Testament on late Roman clay lamps (associated with session III e)
   Corinne Sandoz  University of Geneva Switzerland Tel: 022-349 33 38

Stockholm City Museum recent excavations
    John Hedlund john.hedlund@smf.stockholm.se

Szwajcaria-Osinki-Suwalki archaeological complex in the North East Poland.  An offer of interactive visiting of archaeological sites
    Anetta Ejdulis aejdulis@box43.gnet.pl

Tartaria: New data on the manufacture of Neolithic ceramics in central Transylvania (associated with session III p)
   Daniela Ciugudean  Chief of Conservation Laboratory Romania Tel: +(40) 58 813300 +(40) 58 811853

The "Talaiotic" Culture: Meaning and valuation.  The prehistoric settlement of santa ponca (Mallorca, Spain)
   Magdalena Salas rcampos1@pie.xtec.es

The burials of the nobility priests of the Crimean Scythia: Problems of interpretation (associated with session III a)
   Yuriy Zaitsev nikitrom@worldmailer.com

The cult of Aphrodite - materials from Thrace
    Katina Zvetkova zvetkova@hotmail.com

The iconography of the Thracian horsemen during the Roman age (1c ad - 4c ad)
   Iordan Liubenov liubenov@hotmail.com

Thracian monumental tombs and the cult of ancestors (associated with session II b)
   Nikola Theodossiev archeology@clio.uni-sofia.bg

Title to be confirmed
    Helen Patterson bsrgal@librs6k.vatlib.it

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