Draft Aims and Constitution of the Group

MAG exists within the IFA framework to:

Advance the practice of maritime archaeology by promoting professional standards for the management, conservation, understanding and enjoyment of the maritime archaeological resource.

Provide advice and commentary to the IFA on matters relating to maritime archaeology.

Aid in the development of proper professional guidelines and standards for the execution of maritime archaeological work.

Promote the training of archaeologists and others in maritime archaeological practice.

Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas about maritime archaeological and to communicate these to the wider profession.

MAG will achieve this by:

MAG shall provide comment by the committee, via IFA Council, on matters relating to maritime archaeology. Wherever possible this will be done in consultation with MAG membership.

Where requested MAG shall provide a committee member to act as an IFA representative on committee and others bodies that relate to maritime archaeological matters. Wherever possible the MAG membership will be kept informed of non confidential relevant information arising from these activities.

MAG will promote the advancement of maritime archaeological practice by the continuation of its current by-annual series of professional seminars. Were relevant the topic of these seminars by be published as a technical paper.

MAG will actively promote the greater understanding of maritime archaeology within the wider archaeological community by the publication of technical papers, journal articles etc. and by providing a central point of advice on maritime matters.