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The proximity of Knowlton to Bournemouth University has resulted in its use for student projects for many years. These have for the most part consisted of building recording at Knowlton church, and earthwork surveys within the central henge. It was only in 1993 that co-ordinated fieldwork began with a view to understanding the landscape more generally. The sheer size of the landscape and the quantity of archaeology it contains has meant that the work undertaken to date has only just scratched the surface of the area's potential. There is clearly a great deal more to be done in this process of exploration.

For the most part the projects have been carried out by small teams of Bournemouth University staff and students attempting to address specific issues in the archaeology of the area. In addition, a number of organisations external to the University have been involved in the work, and are gratefully acknowledged. Throughout the work carried out to date, English Heritage have approved Section 42 Consent for geophysical survey over Scheduled sites, as well as funding and Scheduled Monument Consent for the excavation of the Southern Circle at Knowlton. Additional assistance in the excavation of the Southern Circle was also provided by Bournemouth and West Hampshire Water Company. In addition, members of the East Dorset Antiquarian Society have also provided assistance throughout this research.

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