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The Early History of the English Channel Project has a very wide scope.  Due to this it is possible to participate in the project in a number of ways.  These include submitting data or volunteering for our fieldwork during the summer.  The following items present some of the areas in which we would appreciate your involvement; if you have any further suggestions, please do get in touch with us (contact details at end of page).


One of the main aspects of the project is the compilation of a comprehensive database of bibliographic sources.  Many of the references collated to date are listed on the Bibliographies page.  There are many more texts out there - some new, some obscure, some perhaps published in related fields or disciplines that we have not considered.  If you know of any references that seem relevant to the sets we are compiling, please submit details by email or to the address at the bottom of this page.  In this way we can ensure that the on-line resource is as comprehensive as possible.  Thank you.


The GIS model has been constructed from date-depth curves, such as those produced by Devoy (1982).  We are reglarly reviewing the model, enhancing it with new data to produce a smooth and realistic transition between the time-slices.  Much of this is reliant on introducing confirmed dates from a known depth.  If you have such material from within the Channel area or the immediate littoral (English or French coasts) we would be happy to integrate it in the model.  Please send details by email or to the address at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.


Devoy R J, 1982. Analysis of the geological evidence for Holocene sea-level movements in southeast England. Proceedings of the Geologists Association 93, 65-90

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