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Dr Rob Hosfield

I was employed by Bournemouth University on the English Channel Project from September 1998 to August 1999.  Although I came to the project from a PhD background in Palaeolithic Archaeology (at Southampton University), my doctoral research involved extensive GIS research - and that experience proved to be invaluable during the year at Bournemouth!

During the 1998-1999 period the project's initial GIS models were created, involving large amounts of spatial data processing and a wealth of digitising! Preliminary models of Holocene sea level change were generated for the English Channel environments. These models highlighted many new problems (e.g. relative sea-level curves, the dating of palaeovalley infill sediments) but did begin to indicate the potential of the project and suggested several new avenues for my unfortunate successor to deal with...

I am currently back at Southampton in the first year of a three year British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship (investigating hominid demography in the European Middle Pleistocene).  Best wishes to the ongoing project and good luck untangling my file structures...

Rob (rth1@soton.ac.uk)

Eileen Wilkes

As Rob's "unfortunate successor", I joined the project in November 1999.  Prior to that my background was extensively in prehistoric archaeology research - both at Southampton and Bournemouth universities.

My main contribution to the project was the development of the attribute database to complement the spatial model designed by Rob.  This involved collating references and material related to any aspect of archaeology within the study area then compiling the data into the relational database.  I also made contact with diving groups, local coastal fora, and other organizations whose work covers any aspect of this project.  All the information collected was linked to the model as the comprehensive GIS started to take shape.  Further information was acquired from a program of fieldwork run during the summer of 2000.  This was located in one of the project's key site areas - Poole Harbour in Dorset - where we investigated earlier littoral processes as well as previous land use in the area.  Back at the desk, another task was the creation and maintenance of these web pages.

In the autumn of 2000 I handed the project over to Dave Parham and started on a three year PhD at Bournemouth University - investigating known and potential sites of along and across Channel trade from the period 1500BC - AD40.

Eileen (ewilkes@bournemouth.ac.uk)

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